Adrienne Carpenter

Bubbly teenage girl in the body of an adult male drow



Adrienne was born and raised in the village of Redwater, the daughter of a well-to-do local carpenter and a local spinner. She had a somewhat atypical childhood in that, unlike many in such a small village, her parents were well enough off and progressive enough to hire a tutor to teach her. She developed a love of reading and grew up well-spoken as a result of her learning. She worked in her father’s shop, helping to decorate finished cabinets with paint and talking to the customers, who were often surprised to find a girl, and such a young one, had quite a firm grasp on math and business. Her father showed her the basics of his trade, though she was often frustrated that he didn’t want her following fully in his footsteps, and resented somewhat that she was always shoved off to her mother to be taught spinning and dyeing, jealous that her younger brother was to be her father’s heir and apprentice when she knew she could do it just as well.

Outside of her family’s businesses, she lived quite normally for a young girl. Making friends, sharing stories and secrets, climbing trees and exploring, swimming in the ocean, flirting with young boys, and had a few close friends and a boyfriend, Phillip. They’d talked of marriage in the future, and plans of leaving the tiny village for a bigger city, and carried on as young teenagers in love typically do.

Life had seemed, if occasionally frustrating, fairly perfect for Adrienne.

And then overnight, everything changed. The world had rearranged itself and the people within it had all changed as well. Adrienne woke to find herself in a body not her own, with her mind full of strange knowledge and power she could not have conceived of the day before. To her horror, she found that she’d changed from a teenage girl into an adult man of a race she somehow knew was known for its cruelty and evil in its service to a demented goddess that she had a horrible feeling was now all too real. And she knew now of other races, other forms of power, other gods, an entire world of things that should have been nothing more than one of the stories she’d always loved reading, except now it was all terrifyingly real.

She found herself possessing power to alter the minds of those around her, magic to have them do her bidding and deceive them, and wishes that if she had to acquire such things that they could have at least been more benevolent and kinder. The new gods seem to care more and answer more, and she finds herself praying to the new god of magic and elves she knows is a foe of the evil drow goddess, begging him in her prayers for guidance and to help her not fall into any kind of dark traps. She doesn’t expect answers as she’s not a priest, but she finds comfort in the idea that someone might truly be listening to her and prays mostly for the comfort of doing so.

Her horror has been further compounded by the changes wrought on her family. Her mother transformed into a being made of living crystal, who spends her time curled into the corner in apparent anguish and won’t or can’t speak; her father is now a short, stout dwarf who looks at her with mistrust born of knowing that dwarves and drow are supposed to be enemies, though he keeps forcing himself to remember that it’s his daughter within that dark body. Worst of all is that her brother seems to have vanished entirely, or perhaps run away. She’s searched the village for him, though she doesn’t know what good it will do to look for someone when she has no idea what they look like and knows they won’t recognize her.

Still, she continues to look, and looks for her boyfriend as well, though she fears his reaction. She’s determined to find her brother and find out what happened to the world, and prays there’s a way to put things back, or at least to fix herself and her mother. She’s figured out that she’s powerful compared to most, and fears what those who don’t know her or know that it’s her will do when she encounters them, given the poor reputation of her newfound race. Still, there’s a world and family to fix, and adventures of the kind she had once only dreamed of to be had.

Adrienne Carpenter

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