Blacksmith's apprentice


Apprentice to the blacksmith local Clara. Barvels is young, has black, wiry hair and bright blue eyes, and tends to the fire. He makes sure that the forge is stoked and keeps the bellows pumping. He heard Tanuk crying one night after being beat up by the other thieves in his group, and showed him the basics of fighting so that he could defend himself. He also helped Tanuk turn a piece of slag into a passable dagger, which Tanuk still keeps with him today.

Since the day of the big change, Barvels has perhaps changed as much as anyone in town. He now takes the form of a genasi, but his elemental manifestation seems to be in a constant state of flux. Sometimes he might hold one manifestation for hours at a time, then he might cycle through to another in only a few minutes. The constant changes cause him a great deal of discomfort and frustration.


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