Clara and Rand

Friends of the Abaddon Family


Blacksmith and boat maker respectively. Friends basically from birth. Handle a lot of the towns craft and construction needs.Clara is more stoic, while Rand is more eccentric. Both very confident in their skills. Clara even has her very own apprentice, Barvel. Being around Ivan’s age, The Abaddon children were around Clara and Rand fairly often.

Clara and Rand have both found the change suits them well. Clara is a dwarf now, and has found a strong faith in Moradin. She has always taken great pride in her work, feeling it was a strong contribution to the community. Now she also sees it as a way to connect with a power greater than herself. She still puts in a lot of hours at the forge, but is also considering starting a temple.

Rand, on the other hand, has become a gnome, a tinker gnome to be precise. With a lack of significant sources of water nearby, the village has more boats than they know what to do with (though some digging might be required to get them out of the earth that sprung up around them). Honestly, he thinks of this as a blessing though. Rand had always had a lot of crazy ideas, and since the change he’s finding even more invading his mind. Now he has the time and skill to attempt them.

Clara and Rand

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