Leader of the dock thieves


Leader of the small group of thieves. He’s an older boy, in his late teens or early 20’s, and he and a handful of others who go by various pseudonyms (Shifty, Rook, etc.) work the docks. They appear to have legitimate jobs, but always keep their thumb on the scale. Tanuk worked for Darik as a runner and a lookout before the change. He passed messages along for Darik when merchants would come through, and would make sure to cause distractions or keep an eye out whenever Darik or any of the others in their small group needed to ‘relocate’ some merchandise. When Tanuk missed something, or made a mistake in passing along messages, Darik and the other boys would take turns beating him.

The morning of the change, Darik woke up as a dragonborn. He is rather pleased by the change, overall. He feels bigger and stronger than ever before, and thinks it will be easier to push people around to get his way. Plus, the breathing acid is a pretty cool trick.


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