Elarana (Higgins) Clark

Elder Higgins' daughter


Elaine (Higgins) Clark lives with and takes care of her father, the town elder. She is married to Geralt Clark, a travelling merchant.

On the morning of the change, she found herself an elven woman and took the new name Elarana in favor of her newfound heritage (which she has since taken a great interest in).

With her father’s rather incapacitating change, Elarana was instrumental in getting Redwater to calm down and reorganize in the first day following the change. She actually seems to have learned a lot about leadership from her father.

Elarana ran into Frog on the day of the change, as she was moving around town helping to organize things. She took the young woman to the home she shares with her father and saw to her well-being for at least the night.

Elarana (Higgins) Clark

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