Gloria Whittaker

Barmaid of Pelor



The eldest child of a small working class family in the small fishing town of Redwater, Gloria was a fairly average hardworking young woman. A long time employee at the local tavern, she was as common and stable a part of the lively bar as the old wooden tables or the alcohol stained floors. After several years of employment she had learned her craft well. The quintessential barmaid, she was a kind and cheerful soul, she had long since memorized the habits and preferences of all of her costumers. Casually joking, teasing, and mingling with the bars patrons as she worked, with the occasional seemingly accidental flash of freckled skin at all of the right times. And such was her life, a comforting day to day routine of normality. And then everything changed…

It was the commotion and sound of screams that she awoke to that morning. Startled conscious, the first thing she noticed in her dreamy haze was the long, silky, and surprisingly dark strands of hair that partially obscured her vision. The next, and most startling thing her mind was able to perceive was the sheer abundance of feathers that seemed to cover everything around her. Panic bubbling in her chest she began to examine herself and her surroundings, hysteria increasing with every new discovery. Dashing over to the night stand, one which was much more intricate and finely crafted than the one she was supposed to have, and gazed upon the face reflected in it’s mirror. A face that was not her own. The face in the mirror opened it’s full lipped mouth and let loose a long, shrill scream that pierced the air of her room. It wouldn’t be until the raw stinging of throat hit her moments later that she would realize that the scream had been her own.

Gloria Whittaker

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