Gregory Whittaker

Gloria's Father


Gloria’s father. A carpenter of moderate skill, Gregory is the go to man when it comes to the crafting of wooden tools in the town of Redwater. A large and stocky man, Gregory is a loyal husband and the very loving, if stern, father of three. The son of a farmer, he had been apprenticed at a young age to a former carpenter of Redwater. He has something of a rivalry with Stephen Carpenter, father of Adrienne Carpenter.

He awoke from the change to find himself a half-orc. While he mostly keeps it to himself, he’s very worried that Stephen Carpenter will take even more of his business now. Since dwarves have a reputation as fine craftsmen, and half-orcs are often regarded as talentless brutes, he thinks he’ll have trouble keeping up. Since the change he’s thrown himself into his work more than he ever had before.

Gregory Whittaker

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