Town Drunk



Hrodebert was always the town drunk. He was an entertaining drunk, and always got his work done, but he was always drunk. Hrod This was not horribly hard for him, as his father owned local tavern. Along with his sister he tended the bar and prepared meals for Redwater. He made a habit of making individualized meals and drinks, finding new ingredients to mix in. Occasionally he acted as muscle if someone was belligerent, but mostly he just tried to keep folks happy. His sister was more of an entertainer, slinging songs while he slung drinks. When people needed, he was someone that could always be turned to for advice. He’d listen, and respond, and while the usefulness was questionable at times, his earnest answers were always humorous.

Things changed for him, just like for everyone else. His ear grew, though given his shaggy hair, few noticed. His sister discovered new abilities in her songs, and during one such silly songs, Hrod found himself so enjoying it so much he turned into a gorilla. This was quite unusual, but before long he returned to normal. It was not long before he discovered other abilities, that he project bursts of energy from his hands, or heal with a thought.

The last one he discovered quite accidentally. A friend of his had always been a bit accident prone, but when she released a bought of flame. An over eager customer found himself rather singed, but Hrod panic healed the man almost instantly. Hrod removed the extinguished man from his bar with haste. Not a popular move, throwing the mayor’s oldest out, but Hrod had never been the smartest man.


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