Krass and Richards Families

Twins who run a neighboring farm


Samwell Krass and Pamela Krass Richards, twins. Own the next farm over with their spouses, Rose Blackwood Krass and Matrim Richards, respectively. Each twin has one child, Tommy Krass and Samantha Richards. Born on the same day, and as similar as twins. Frequently visits the Abaddon farm.

Samwell Krass has become a Wilden while his wife Rose is now a Tiefling. Their son Tommy still appears completely human (one of the few in the village who hasn’t changed much). This is something of a sore spot for Tommy.

Matrim Richards is now a half-elf while his wife Pamela is a Hamadryad. Their daughter Samantha appears to have taken after her father and become a half-elf, however anyone who has seen the rest of the town knows that the change didn’t seem to follow blood relation.

The two families are now trying to figure out what to do about their fields. Some sections were untouched by the change, but wide swaths have been changed into completely unfamiliar plants. They are currently trying to decide what is safe or unsafe to eat (or even safe or unsafe to approach). One section of the farm was transformed into some variety of carnivorous plant that took a small bite out of Rose before it was dispatched with a long handled hoe. Thankfully the plants were still rooted in place, so they were easy enough to destroy from a distance.

Krass and Richards Families

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