Maggy Mayfly

The town's old "witch"


Known as by the kids as Maggy May Not. Stern, aged herbalist. Some children want to play what they call Maggy May I, even though the answer is almost always no. Its not as if she dislikes children, or even people in general, she just understands that people don’t always know what they want, or whats good for them. Like people taking poisonous herbs, thinking it was beneficial, she sees it as her goal in life to help people find their way. Played a decent part in the Abaddon children knowing what is or isn’t good for them.

Maggy lives far outside of town by choice, both hers and the towns. Nobody in town liked her much, she practiced the taboo acts of “witchcraft” even before the change. While everyone in town badmouthed her as a crazy old hag, many still privately went to her to buy love elixers, charms to protect them from ill luck, etc.

No one has made the trek out to her house yet to see what’s become of her.

Maggy Mayfly

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