Hrodebert's Sister, Kindly Barmaid/Bard


A kind barmaid. Serah was the type who probably everyone in town was fond of – she stood in as a daughter, a sister, a lover, or in Tanuk’s case, a mother. She made sure to always save a couple of scraps for him so that when he came scratching at the door, something would be ready. He tried to pay her with what he could save, but she never took his money. One winter, she even ‘accidentally’ left a woolen blanket, more patches than blanket, really, by the door. Tanuk made it through that winter thanks to that blanket and Serah’s kindness.

Serah is Hrodebert’s sister, and daughter to the local innkeeper. She has always been something of an entertainer at the bar. Since the change though, she has found her songs even more well-received than ever. Sometimes they even have magical effects. Like her brother, she seems to have become a half-elf, which would seem perfectly natural until one realizes her father is no longer human, nor is he an elf. Her father the innkeeper is now a minotaur.


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