The Tin Soldier

Frog's Familiar


Brownie Familiar, “The Tin Soldier”
Senses low-light vision
Speed 5
Constant Benefits

  • You gain a +2 bonus to Stealth and Thievery checks.
    Active Benefits
  • Unseen Servant: You can use a minor action to turn the familiar invisible. While invisible, the familiar can carry objects that weigh up to 25 pounds, and it can move and manipulate objects at your command.

Frog’s familiar is a tiny elfin man in a soldier’s uniform, so tiny that he fits in the palm of her hand. The night before, the little man had been a tin statuette of a soldier, which had fallen into the pond where Frog lived long before she had lived there. It had been dropped into the small pond by Adrienne when she was younger. Frog had admired it, nestled forgotten in the reeds, and always curiously wondered what it was.

The Tin Soldier

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