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  • Adrienne Carpenter

    Adrienne was born and raised in the village of Redwater, the daughter of a well-to-do local carpenter and a local spinner. She had a somewhat atypical childhood in that, unlike many in such a small village, her parents were well enough off and progressive …

  • Stephen Carpenter

    Adrienne's father, a local carpenter. He's now a dwarf and having trouble dealing with his daughter's new race. He has a small rivalry with Gregory Whittaker, another local carpenter and Gloria's father.

  • Mary Carpenter

    Adrienne's mother, a spinner who was known for making high-quality thread, now a Shardmind. She hasn't spoken since the change.

  • Margaret Smith

    Adrienne's best friend/bitter enemy, depending on the day of the week. Margaret is a year older than Adrienne and despite not having had Adrienne's teaching thinks she's smarter and knows more about the world. She also likes Phillip, and most of her …

  • Phillip Wright

    A local boy Adrienne was in love with and had set her heart on marrying, although that seems rather unlikely now... Phillip had reciprocated Adrienne's feelings of young love before the change, but will whatever he's become now be willing to have anything …

  • Thomas Hillman

    Adrienne's tutor, a man from a larger city who moved to town a few years back. In addition to teaching the local children, he runs a very small bookshop. Thomas has become a githzerai.

  • The Tin Soldier

    Frog's familiar is a tiny elfin man in a soldier's uniform, so tiny that he fits in the palm of her hand. The night before, the little man had been a tin statuette of a soldier, which had fallen into the pond where Frog lived long before she had lived …

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