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  • Frog (Name to be determined)

    Last night Redwater slept bathed in moonlight. At the edge of the town there was a quiet little brook, where the reeds grew tall, and lily pads speckled its surface green. Golden-green fireflies danced above, their ghostly reflections glittering off the …

  • The Tin Soldier

    Frog's familiar is a tiny elfin man in a soldier's uniform, so tiny that he fits in the palm of her hand. The night before, the little man had been a tin statuette of a soldier, which had fallen into the pond where Frog lived long before she had lived …

  • Old Brown Tortoise

    A tortoise that lived in Frog's pond. Despite having lived there longer than Frog herself, and never showing any ambition to go more than a few feet from the water's edge, the tortoise was not there when Frog went back to look for her tadpoles.

  • Tadpoles

    Before the change, Frog had hatched a large number of children. When Frog went back to check on them later, they were not there.

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