It’s the end of the world as you know it. Or rather, it was last night. Today, you face a whole new world full of wonders and new possibilities. However, it is also a world of untold dangers and mysteries yet to be explored. In the wake of the change, it is believed that anything is possible. But how will you survive to see it?


You existed in a completely mundane medieval village. Magic was something told of in fairy tales and superstitions and while many believed in it, no one could ever prove it existed. There were many gods, but none had ever proven themselves in anything more than tales told by priests. There were no other known races, everyone was a human.

You were in the small coastal community of Redwater. The majority of the village’s income has come from gathering from the great sea that sits next to the village and selling any excess to the larger communities further inland. Perhaps you’ve lived in Redwater all your life, or maybe you were just passing through for a day when the big change occurred.


You probably woke up different, somehow. Perhaps yesterday you were an aging master carpenter, but today you woke up a youthful elven cleric of a god that didn’t exist yesterday. Or maybe you were a young mother who became a muscle-bound tiefling man who found an enchanted greatsword laying in her daughter’s bed. (Does the sword still cry to you in the night?) The changes can be as small or as drastic as you like.

The changes weren’t limited to you. Almost everyone has changed somehow. Many other things have changed as well. Perhaps the pot of stew you left simmering over the fire last night may have changed into a half dozen healing potions. The landscape itself has changed. For example, the docks that yesterday led into the ocean now stand uselessly leading off into a forest.

It's a Different World